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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cholula Feria

I understand all Mexican villages hold annual ferias (shows/fiestas) and Cholula is no exception. Especially this year as it was the 60th anniversary of their annual feria. We attended its feria this year on the Sunday which was probably a good and a bad thing. Good because there was so much to see and so much food to enjoy, but not so good because it felt like half of Puebla decided to attend the feria on that same day.

Ferias, like shows in Australia, can sometimes seem the same with lots of the same handicrafts, food and rides being featured. However, Cholula's was a gem because it has so many interesting new things to see, buy and taste. Below are a few pics of what was available.

Local basketware
More baskets and cane mats
Gorgeous pots - some of my favourites. So cheap, but so expensive to transport home. Shame shame!
Frothed chocolate which you drink like a slurpy - yum!
Hand embroidered shirt
Pretty ponchos
Cactus and carne (meat)
Chalupas - small tortillas fried in pig fat, topped in salsa - delicious and so bad for you!!

Granadas - used in Chiles en Nogada

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