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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Chiles en Nogada

Chile en Nogada - ready to enjoy!!
Chiles en Nogada is another famous Poblano (something from Puebla) dish, which like Mole Poblana was also invented by Nuns. It uses the fruit from granadas, in addition to lots of other fruit, so traditionally it is enjoyed in August and September when those fruits are at their best ... and cheapest. it is not difficult to make and doesn't contain really exotic ingredients, but because it is so labour intensive, it is still relatively expensive and considered quite a treat. It is also delicious.

Chiles stuffed with filling
The chiles are Chile Poblana and I don't know if they are available outside Mexico. If not, perhaps you could substitute a green capsicum, although you wouldn't get the hint of spice that Chiles Poblana provide. While the Nogada is a nutty, milk based sauce which would be delicious on the filling alone if you can't find suitable Chiles.

 This year my fiance's sister decided to host her birthday party and to make her famous version of Chiles en Nogada. I helped her out, along with another sister, her Mum and a sister-in-law to prepare the dish. We started on Friday night and enjoyed them on Sunday at her birthday party. Below is the recipe for your enjoyment. We made 70 chiles to cater for a large group, so scale back this recipe as you need.

  •         2 heads garlic
  •         3-4 onions
  •         4kg tomatoes
  •         2 kg peaches
  •                 2 kg panochera (small red apples with smooth, firm, white flesh)
  •                 2 kg pears (milk pears)
  •         ¼ kg almonds
  •         200g sultanas
  •         200g bisnaga (looks like crystal sugar)
  •         2-3kg pork (boiled and shredded)

  •       ¼ kg Almendras (Almonds)
  •      1kg Nuez (Walnuts)
  •       2-3 litres Milk
  •       2-3 tblspns Sugar per blender (to taste)
  •        2-3 tblspns Vino Jeres (cooking sherry?) per blender to taste

·         Remaining Ingredients
Granada fruit
  •       70  Poblano (scale back recipes for the number of chiles you have)
  •       1 litre Olive Oil
  •       3-4 Granadas – use fruit as topping with chopped perejil (Italian parsley)
  •       2-3 dozen Eggs & plain flour (for chile batter)

      Filling Preparation
 a.     1. Heat approx ½ litre olive oil in large pot
      2. Add finely diced garlic and stir
      3. Add finely diced onion & cook on low heat until onions transparent
      4. Add diced tomato (seeds removed) and simmer for approx 1hr
      5. Add diced peaches and simmer until nearly soft
      6. Add diced apples & pears and simmer until soft
      7. Add sultanas, almonds and crystal sugar and simmer
      8. Let cool overnight and place in refrigerator for 1-2 days to ferment

3.      Nogada Preparation
      1. Puree all ingredients in blender lots adding sugar according to taste (this can be made last).
      2. Add sufficient milk to create a creamy (but not too runny) texture so the Nogada oozes, rather than   
          runs all over the plate.

Frying & draining chiles
      Chile Preparation
      1. Peel chiles (scorching on gas flame, sweat in plastic to peel).
      2. Slit an opening in one side to remove seeds and for an opening to insert filling
      3. Fill (not too full) with filling and close with a couple of toothpicks
      4. Whip eggs whites until fluffy, then add egg yolks and whip
      5. Coat Chiles in flour, then egg white mixture and fry in approx 2cm heated oil
Chiles ready to be garnished and served
      6. Cool and allow oil to drain from chiles in preparation for them being served
      1. Place a chile on a plate and spoon Nogada mixture over the chile
      2. Garnish with seeds of granada and shopped perejil and serve


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