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Friday, 15 October 2010

Making Molotes

Yesterday my future mother-in-law and resident Mexican cuisine teacher, Dona Rosa taught me how to make Molotes. Molotes are absolutely delicious, but fried in oil so probably not good to be eaten every day.  they are essentially a tortilla, made 1/2 on corn flour and 1/2 on wheat flour with a little baking powder to make them light and some water to make the dough. The uncooked tortilla is filled with whatever filling takes your fancy and then shallow fried.

Below is the simple recipe, plus some photos of our molotes, some of which were filled with cheese, sliced jalapenos and some epazote leaves and the others filled with Tinga, which is a tomato based salsa with onion, herbs and chipotles to add a bit of spice.


 ¼ cup corn flour (the one used for tortillas)
¼ cup plain flour
1/3 tsp baking powder
ingredients for Molote filling (see suggested fillings below)


  1. Combine flours with baking powder
  2. Add water and mix until all combined, then knead for 5-10 minutes until ready to make into tortillas for the molotes
  3.  Flatten into tortillas
  4. Add your desired filling to one side of the tortilla, then fold in half and press edges together
  5. Shallow fry in a little oil until golden brown
  6. Drain excess oil using a colander or kitchen paper
  7. Serve & enjoy!
Filling ideas:
Mashed potato
Cheese, with slices of jalapeno & epazote leaves
 Tinga (a thick tomato based salsa with chipotle)

One of our fillings (Cheese, chopped jalapenos and epazote leaves)
A tortilla being filled with Tinga 
Filled molote ready to be cooked. Note the molotes are made in a tortilla maker with plastic to allow easy removal

Cooking the Molotes

Draining the Molotes before serving

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